And it’s out…

January 30, 2007

But first, for your viewing pleasure, some yummy teasers. Enjoy!


  1. Congratz Hon,
    on my way to get a copy asap! lots of luck to you!

  2. Thank you, Lady Neaya!!


  3. Dearest SD,

    Just read your comments at Nina’s place. Yes you may adopt me it’s no nice to be chosen as adoptee of choice by so many beautiful women, *sigh*. Congrats again honey and good work!

    Much love,

  4. my sweet angel,
    perhaps one day soon, I will visit you here and find your delectable words taking me to a place that only you can. I miss you! I miss your talent! I miss your expression of life! Did I say that I miss you?

    Love and kisses,

  5. I miss you too, gorgeous! Very, very much!

    Writing and I are having issues just now (for a while really). I think (or at least I hope) all the stress I’ve been under because of my baby is wreaking havoc with my ability to write anything worth a damn. Hopefully it’ll pass soon but sometimes it seems there’s no end in sight.


    But, on the bright side, I love you!

    Aimee (b.k.a. S. Desires, or simply, SD)

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